General library of Huaian City Library 

          Address: Huaian City Xiangyu Ecological Zone text Brigade Road No. 17 

          Post encoding: 223299

          Telephone number: 0517-80827100, 80826700

          Take bus, tram "theater" station; bus 8 Road, 10 road, 69 Road, 76 road gate road "station; bus 26 Road, 88 road" Tong Yuan Lu station. 

The library of Huaian city Beijing Road Branch

           Address: No. 91 North Beijing Road

           Postal Code: 223001

           Contact number: 0517-83643251

           Transfer bus: 6, 8, 12, 26, 28, 32 (Beijing village station or Engineering Institute station), 22 Road           (Labor Bureau station, along the North Beijing Road south line 500 meters) 

Huaian City People's Road branch of children's Library

          Address: No. 102 South Renmin Road

           Postal Code: 223002

           Contact number: 0517-83941595

           Transfer bus: 2, 7 (children's library station), 1 road, 6 road, 8 Road, 11 road, 22 Road, 23 road, 28 Road           (Ring Road station or Qingpu secondary station, along the Ring Road West)

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