One. objects and conditions of accreditation 

          Any Chinese citizen who holds the original identity card and the children's readers with the original residence booklet may apply for the Huaian library card.

Two.certificate number and cost of

           A: Chinese loan card, deposit 100 yuan, 4 books;

           B: Chinese loan card, deposit 200 yuan, 8 books;

           C: Chinese loan card, deposit 500 yuan, 20 books;

           D: periodical reading card. The deposit is 0 yuan. 

          All cards are free to use our museum digital resources and to the museum to read.

Three, fill the card back card

           1, report the loss and fill the card 

          Please hold my ID card to apply for handling;

          The report of loss, hold your application card reader should be paid all the books borrowed;

           The loss for a period of 7 days after the expiration of such as to borrow, need to go through the library card. 

          2, the withdrawal of evidence 

          It must be cleaned up all matters before borrowing reimbursement;

           The need to carry ID card, ID card to banzhengchu check card formalities; (deposit) 

          If the entrusted person, ID card agents still need to show my ID card original and photocopy, borrow card holders (or copy   Pieces). 

Four, processing time and place

           Tuesday to Sunday, ecological culture travel district center hall, Beijing Road branch, Renmin Road branch, the city's major administrative service center (citizen card window) can handle. 

 Five, note 

          1. Please keep the library card carefully; 

          2, each person with an ID card, only for a loan card;

          3, the library card is used in all centers, branch, 24 hours self-service library, Huaian city library, Jiangpu district library can be clear, and to achieve interlibrary loan; 

          4, the loan period is 30 days; 

          5, books, periodicals lost or defaced, according to our compensation system compensation;  

          6, renew books: network renew, renew, to renew the WeChat museum.

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